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The Starfield Direct Breaks Records: Highest-Rated and Most Popular Xbox Games Showcase in History

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The Starfield Direct broke records

An article on Microsoft’s official website revealed that the Xbox Games Showcase/Starfield Direct dual event was the highest-rated and most popular show in the history of the brand. In the seven days following the broadcast of the Direct, it received over 92 million views, an increase of 38% compared to last year.

Xbox sales have jumped since the summer conference

The Xbox Games Showcase had a significant impact on sales, with Xbox consoles reaching their peak right after the Starfield Direct aired. The Xbox Series X saw a remarkable increase of +1,335% in sales on Amazon France. In the United States, the Series X/S climbed considerably in the sales rankings.

The most anticipated game on Steam, but also on JV

Starfield has become the top wishlist game on Steam, the most widely used game distribution platform in the world. It is also generating strong demand on JV platforms, surpassing other highly anticipated games.

“Xbox’s new Halo”…really?

Many experts and commentators are comparing Starfield to Xbox’s previous hit game, Halo. They believe that Starfield has the potential to become a game that captivates players and generates long-term excitement. It is a game that Xbox has been waiting for years to release.

Experts suggest that Starfield could expand Xbox’s user base in Asia if properly translated and marketed. Microsoft has shown great faith in the game by increasing the prices of the Xbox Series X and Game Pass before its release. They have also released themed accessories and are celebrating the anniversary of the moon landing as Starfield’s release approaches on September 6, 2023.

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