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The Truth About the Loser Queue in League of Legends: Debunking the Myth and Offering a Solution

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What is the loser queue?

Even if you don’t play League of Legends, you probably know that it has a community with a negative reputation. This is because the game itself can be frustrating, with long average game times and reliance on teammates’ skill. Losing several games in a row can lead to frustration and anger among players.

Some League of Legends players believe in the existence of a manipulated matchmaking system by Riot Games, called the “loser queue.” According to this theory, Riot Games developed an algorithm that pairs winning players with each other and losing players with each other. This is believed to create moments of excitement for players when they start winning again after a losing streak, encouraging them to continue playing. However, Riot Games denies the existence of the loser queue.

Despite Riot Games’ denial, believers in the loser queue have conducted studies and found suspicious patents, further fueling their belief. However, a recent mathematical analysis has challenged this belief.

You’re not in the loser queue, you just need to take a break

A Reddit user, who is also a French League of Legends player and an astrophysics doctoral student, conducted a comprehensive mathematical study on the loser queue. Using data from 100,000 matches played at the Master level, he compared it with a simulation of one million matches to see if there were any discrepancies. The analysis concluded that the series of victories and defeats align with random mathematical models.

However, the analysis did find a slight difference between real data and artificially generated data. This difference is attributed to the tendency of players to lose a game following a defeat. Previous studies have also shown that a player’s mindset after a loss can decrease their chances of winning by approximately 1.3%. Additionally, the chances of winning decrease after the fourth consecutive loss. Taking a break of 5 to 20 minutes is recommended to avoid a losing streak and ranking decline.

In conclusion, the loser queue is proven to be a myth, and players should not attribute their losses to deliberate matchmaking manipulation by Riot Games. So, if you used to blame the loser queue for your defeats, it’s time to find another excuse.

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