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The United States Invasion of Iraq: Twenty Years On, The Aftermath Lingers

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Bradley Booth
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Iraqi freedom or democracy remain Dreams out of reach as the country celebrated 20 years on Monday start of Led by the United States invasion that overthrew the tyrannical ruler Saddam Hussein.

no official Celebrations are planned in Oil rich country remains Traumatized for years of War, occupation and bloody sectarian unrest followed the operation that was launched on March 20, 2003.

appearance of Life has returned to normal, but Iraq is still battles a range of take hold challenges – From political instability to poverty and rampant corruption.

Iran is the largest Shiite power and archfoe of The United States now wields great influence in Iraq, whose largely Shiite majority succumbed to defeat under the rule of the powerful Sunni leader Saddam.

Prime Minister Mohamed Shia al-Sudani, who Backed by a pro-Iranian party coalitionhe did not talk of United State invasion But only of the fall of dictatorial regime of clash, who He was later captured, tried, and executed.

At the Baghdad conference on eve of On the anniversary, Al-Sudani said: “We remember the pain and suffering of our people in Those years dominated by absurd wars and systematic sabotage.

The United States’ march toward war began under then-President George W. Bush and has gained ground pace in the aftermath of The attacks of September 11, 2001 on The United States by a terrorist led by Osama bin Laden group Al-Qaida.

Bush, backed by British Prime Minister Tony Blair, argued that Saddam was a major threat and was developing weapons of Total devastation, even though there never was found.

‘Shock and awe’

Operation Iraqi Freedom has been launched with Land invasion Led by 150,000 American and 40,000 British soldiers, bombarded with “shock and awe” of Strategic locations.

Within three weeks, Saddam’s regime fell, and invasion forces took controls of The capital, Baghdad on April 9th.

Television footage broadcast about world soon The US Marines have shown shooting down a giant statue of Saddam, after which Bush declared “Mission Accomplished” aboard a US warship.

But the invasion Anarchy and widespread looting, chaos deepened by the United States decision To solve the Iraqi state, and governance party And military device.

Male United States drive To bring liberal democracy to Iraq was soon It was derailed by violence and sectarian strife among Shiites with Sunni armed groups.

By then US forces left in 2011, the war claimed many lives of more More than 100,000 Iraqi civilians died, according to the Iraqi body count group, while American losses amounted to nearly 4,500.

Bloodshed would give rise ISIS terrorist group who Bring new Horrors across Iraq and Syria before their eventual defeat after the US led coalition fair help fight they.

Corruption pandemic

In today’s Iraq, elections are being held, political pluralism is encouraged, and freedom of expression is officially guaranteed.

but in practice Iraqi politics remain Chaotic and marred by sectarian and ethnic conflict.

master counter-government Protests erupted in late 2019, leading Until now more bloodshed in Streets.

Participation was low for Legislative elections in October 2021, which sparks more infighting and violence before A.J government It was eventually formed by A.J year Later.

the third of Iraq population spirits in poverty, public Services are largely absent, and the energy-rich country, in particular, suffers from frequent power outages in extreme summer heat.

Nepotism and corruption remain diffuse in Iraq where he covets jobs in The bloated state sector is often acquired through personal connections while youth unemployment runs rampant.

successive governments failed to fight Corruption”, mourns Abbas Muhammad, the engineer of Baghdad in He is in his thirties. “We’re going from bad to the worse. no government gave anything to people. “

On Sunday, al-Sudani again Pledge “combat epidemic of corruption.”

But Baghdad day laborer Mohamed al-Askari, like Many Iraqis struggling to survive real Hopes.

“We rejoiced at the fall of the regime because we thought Iraq would improve, but so far we have only suffered,” he said.

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