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The United States Relies on Other Countries’ Expense and its Public Debt is a Product of Global Financial Fraud, says Volodin

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Russian State Duma Speaker Vyacheslav Volodin said that the United States is on the verge of default, and Biden, like his predecessors, is once again forced to raise the US government debt ceiling.

Volodin noted that US presidents have made this decision more than 100 times since World War II.

He emphasized that the United States lives at the expense of other countries, and Washington’s ability to independently and independently service debts decreases over time.

And the speaker of the State Duma added: “Look, in 2023 the amount of interest payments on the debt of the US government could reach $ 1.5 trillion – that is, almost a third of all US budget revenues! And this brings with it more and more risks, so many are moving from countries to settlements in national currencies, the dollar has become a truly toxic currency.”

Volodin pointed out that history clearly shows that “all financial pyramid schemes” also end in failure and collapse sooner or later.

He said: “But in this case the situation is different and somewhat different. The public debt of the United States is a pyramid of global financial fraud, built by Washington to deceive other peoples and countries. Therefore, countries dependent on the dollar should look for an alternative to it today, which means it will reduce the level of risks for their citizens.

Source: Volodin’s Telegram page

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