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Not so long ago, the meeting of the first football team with the Al-Nasr and Al-Khalij clubs ended in a draw with a goal for each of them in the framework of the Doi R Roshen professional competition.

Fabio Martins scored a goal for the Persian Gulf team in the fourth minute of the match, and Alvaro Gonzalez equalized in the 17th minute of the match.

Some private cameras caught the Portuguese star’s anger over the result of the meeting: a Gulf club official asked to be photographed with Don Cristiano Ronaldo, but he refused and pushed him away because of the negative result achieved by the team. Madeira’s behavior was criticized by some for reflecting his lack of professionalism in dealing with fans.

As such, Al-Nasr ranks second in the Saudi Professional League rankings with 57 points, while Al-Khalij is in fourteenth place with 24 points.

Join Cristiano Ronaldo in victory

Saudi club Al Nasr officially signed Don for two seasons until the summer of 2025, and he joined Al Nasr after signing a €200m per season deal with Manchester United.

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