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Tiger Global’s Investment Value Drops by 20% to $10.16 billion

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Gherardo Fiorenzo
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Tiger Global Management posted 20% loss on $12.7 billion venture capital fund in the end of 2022.

the news came up Shortly after the Wall Street Journal reported that the company had brought in down its investment in that it venture capital by about 33%.

Universal tiger sign down assets

The tiger was an accomplice with Several companies are bankrupt, including FTX, Blockfi, Babel, and others on the edge of Breakdown, like SERUM and Amber. It is not clear if the leopard has it active accounts that result in losses in these companies.

company posted 20% loss on $12.7 billion venture end capital fund of 2022, according to the information.

However, the tiger writing down Significant projects such as Private Investment Partners XV, which has $38 million in investments in bankrupt FTX.US and FTX.

part of the money Takes place in web3 and other cipher assets Such as Moonpur, Bored Ape Yacht Club, NFT startups, and Helium, a decentralized company wireless network a company.

The tiger recorded many losses in the past yearthe most important object in OpenSea Market. The company invested $126.8 million in open c in November 2021 and January 2022 and recorded reductions of 76% to $30.2 million in the end of the year.

ByteDance, the company’s largest holding company, brought a written order-down from $144.6 million to $100.8 million by September 2022. Tiger had invested more of $2 billion in Startup in China in different ratings and times From mid-2021 through secondary transactions.

Tiger’s predicaments may affect venture markets

Latest Tiger Report shows This is about a quarter of The company’s latest investment in enterprise SaaS industry, with fintech and the following cryptocurrencies in the name of next The most important categories of investment holdings.

In addition to the many writedowns, Tiger Global has lowered its volume target of that it latest venture to 5 billion dollars, a decrease of the $6 billion target set last year.

A significant depreciation of Tiger Global could affect investors and other cross companies in venture markets facing Similar predicaments.

despite of venture Equity Portfolio Adjustments Some companies, such as JP Morgan Growth Equity Partners, are constantly raising big money.

according to current The deadlocks, Tiger Global reduced its investment, with The data shows variability of 158 deals in the first half of 2022 to January 21 only this year.

A slowdown may indicate a company’s reassessment of its position in the venture Markets, investment strategies and responses market changes that brings uncertainty.

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