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TON Accelerator Invests $25 Million for Innovation in 2021

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TON Accelerator programBacked by the $250M TONcoin.Fund, Commit to Allocation up to $25 million year to support Projects within the TON ecosystem.

The capital will be directed to a range of Strategic initiatives complement it valuable Partnerships and mentorship from the Partners Accelerator program.

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TONcoin.Fund, a dedicated fund based on TON with $250 million to back it up, is it set To provide the capital that will be allocated to range of focus mode on field of Decentralized Finance (DeFi).

All chosen project You will receive funding between $50,000 and $250,000, along with valuable support and mentorship from accelerator partners.

Program partners include:

  • Gotbit Markets Global, a hedge fund and market- Manufacturing a specialized company in trading And risk administration
  • Web3Port, a developer of tools That promotes connections between Web 3 startups and their contributors drive innovation
  • Tonstarter, and leading Fundraising platform on tons
  • Boomlabs incubator for web 3 developers based on in South Korea
  • Cypher Capital Group is a multi-strategy headquartered crypto investment firm in The United Arab Emirates

“We are excited to unveil the TON Accelerator as our ecosystem continues evolve And attract new talent. this is the beginning of Many different incubators to be supported. Part finance of Bring up our local hubs strategyand will our ecosystem work to attract new developers Plus successful repeat founders across a diverse group of key global locations. “

Justin Hyun head of nursery f growth At the TON Foundation.

TON community Open submissions for MVP ready projects developed on The TON blockchain, specifically those supporting TVM (TON Virtual Machine) and TON Smart Contract language.

Assistance projects in marketing, business developmentAnd technology You are welcome to apply for support. For proof-ofConcept or prototype teams in need of Initial technical guidance, early stage grants are also available to facilitate them progress.

a foundation for growth

since its inception in 2020, TON is gaining popularity in Industry because of its architecture. Her ability commanded attention of developers, companies and enthusiasts are also covered challenges facing blockchain technology.

Support from TONcoin.Fund may be amplified through the accelerator programencourage entrepreneurs, developersand investors to explore the TON ecosystem.

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