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Tragic Incident in Primorye: Two Children Fatally Injured and One Injured in Accident

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Vladivostok, April 23 – Two children died in Primorye, and another was injured after an SUV crashed into the car they were traveling in and its driver fled, the Russian Federation’s regional Ministry of Internal Affairs reports.
The incident occurred in Plaston Village. According to preliminary data, the driver of the 33-year-old Toyota Land Cruiser, who did not choose a safe distance from the Toyota Corolla moving forward, collided with her.
Ambulance - 1920, 04/21/2023

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“After the collision, the car swerved off the road on the side of the road and crashed into a tree. The driver of the Toyota Land Cruiser fled the scene, but later came to the police station on his own. , 14-year-old two elderly passengers (a girl and a boy) died in the hospital,” the report said.
It was established that the Toyota Land Cruiser driver did not obtain a driver’s license and was not administratively liable for traffic violations. Toyota Corolla was in the yard of the house, and the teenager took the keys without the knowledge of his parents. It is not registered with PDN. The family is thriving.
The accident occurred at night on a dry dock. The off-road vehicle driver is under administrative investigation under a number of articles. An extended blood test was taken from him to detect the state of poisoning.
Ambulance - 1920, 04/21/2023

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