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Tragic Plane Crash in Brazil’s Amazonas State Leaves 14 Dead: Investigation Underway

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Ziad Najjar
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Tragic Plane Crash in Brazil’s Amazonas State

Fourteen Lives Lost in Small Jet Crash

On Saturday, a small jet crashed in Brazil’s northern Amazonas state, resulting in the tragic loss of fourteen lives, according to the state’s governor.

Location and Condolences

The accident occurred in the Barcelos province, approximately 400 km (248 miles) away from the state capital, Manaus. Governor Wilson Lima expressed his deep regrets and condolences for the twelve passengers and two crew members who perished in the Barcelos plane crash. He shared his sympathies and prayers with the victims’ families and friends, emphasizing that support has been provided from the beginning.

Airlines’ Response

The Manaus Aerotaxi airline confirmed the accident in a statement, expressing their commitment to investigate the incident. However, no specific details about the casualties or injuries were given. The airline urged respect for the privacy of those affected during this challenging time and assured that they would provide necessary updates as the investigation progresses.

Investigation by Brazilian Air Force

The Brazilian Air Force (FAB) released a statement disclosing that the Accident Investigation and Prevention Center (CENIPA) had been summoned to initiate an investigation into the crash. The aircraft involved was identified as an Embraer Bandeirante with the registration PT-SOG.

Possible Cause of the Crash

Governor Lima, in an interview with O Globo newspaper, mentioned that the bodies of the victims, who were Brazilian tourists, had already been recovered from the wreckage. He also speculated that heavy rainfall in the region and a potential error in the landing route might have contributed to the accident.

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