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Training of Rescue Dogs Discussed by the Ministry of Emergency Situations

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Moscow, April 21 – Future service dog rescuers begin to master the basics of working in extreme conditions at the age of eight weeks, according to the Russian Emergencies Ministry.
“As a general rule, puppies selected for training begin at eight to ten weeks of age from birth,” the ministry’s Telegram channel said in a statement.
Dog - 1920, 04/09/2023

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It has been previously reported that eight dog breeds commonly become rescuers: Newfoundlands, Dobermans, Labrador Retrievers, German Shepherds, Rottweilers, Terriers, Saint Bernards, and Spaniels. Service dogs of the Ministry of Emergency Situations retire on average after eight years of working in harsh conditions. After the end of their careers, as a rule, psychologists take them home.
It is noted that all dogs undergo a mandatory annual medical examination. Their use with interruptions to restore working qualities should not exceed 12 hours a day, of which four hours are devoted to continuous rest and the other two hours to feeding and care.
Containers of service dogs of the Ministry of Emergency Situations, which are intended to search for victims in various conditions, dead bodies, detect explosives, bombs, land mines and mines, should not be near depots of fuel, oil, chemicals and cars. Gardens that smell pungent. The kennel area for service dogs should be at least 2.5 square meters, and the walking area – at least 3.5 “squares”. In the cold season, the booths should be equipped with mattresses made of materials that do not harm the dog’s health.
A dog on the banks of the Volga - 1920, 03/26/2023

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