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Triumphs and Turmoil: Departures in Triumph and Ronaldo’s Outrage following Cup Demise

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The exit of the Al-Nasr club from the semi-finals of the Cup of the Guardian of the Two Holy Mosques at the hands of the Al-Wehda club after losing to it (0:1) yesterday, on Monday, aroused great interest in the sports community in the fate of the “world”.

The first reaction to the disaster with the withdrawal from the cup competitions were two members of the board of directors of the Al-Nasr club, who decided to officially resign.

The Alam al-Nasr network declined to name the two members, stressing that they would formally submit their resignations today, Tuesday.

Journalist and legal adviser Muhammad Al-Dawish also hinted at the imminent departure of Musli Al Muammar, president of the Al-Nasr club, following the team’s withdrawal from the Custodians of the Two Holy Mosques Cup.

Al-Dawish said on his Twitter account: “They will absorb the anger of the public by changing the president of the club, like they changed the coach, and nothing will change.”

And he continued: “Those who have dossiers with contracts for foreign and local players, and their survival or departure, is a problem. They involve the club in contracts, changes and extensions to saddle obligations and debts, and things continue. so that no administration gets out of their control.”

And he stressed: “The victory was not bad in the second half over Al-Wahda. He pressed, attacked and faced a skilled goalkeeper at some points and a strange evil eye at others. The win was worth at least a draw and going into extra time.”

Al-Dawish concluded: “The victory lacks foreign players who make a difference. Cristiano Ronaldo won’t win the title on his own.”

On the other hand, the Portuguese newspaper “O jogo” revealed the reaction of the Portuguese star Cristiano Ronaldo between two halves of the match against Al Wahda.

A well-known newspaper pointed out that Ronaldo entered the dressing room during the break in the match between Al-Nasr and Al-Wahda and was very angry.

Ronaldo decided to speak with Al Nasr officials to highlight the need to ‘irrigate’ First Park’s stadium well during matches.

Cristiano Ronaldo told his colleagues at the Al Alama castle that the condition of the stadium’s grass in the first half of the match was very poor.

Al-Nasr’s club’s misery has continued in recent times as the team also stumbled in the last two matches of the Saudi Roshan Pro League as they drew with their host Al-Faihaa and then lost to their host Al-Hilal. with two unanswered goals and ranks second in the standings.

Source: local media

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