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TruthGPT: The New AI Bot Launched by Elon Musk.

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Warren Henry
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American billionaire Elon Musk has announced plans to launch his own version of an artificial intelligence chatbot called TruthGPT.

According to the American businessman, his new artificial intelligence platform should compete with the controversial ChatGPT chatbot, with the difference that it will provide all the necessary information and will not be censored.

“I’m going to launch something that I’ll call TruthGPT, or the Most Truth-Seeking Artificial Intelligence that seeks to understand the nature of the universe,” Musk said in an interview with Fox News host Tucker Carlson.

“I think this could be the best path to security in the sense that artificial intelligence, which cares about understanding the universe, is unlikely to destroy people, because we are an interesting part of this universe,” the businessman explained.

Musk added that current chatbots are being developed by left-wing programmers who are “teaching lies” to users of their platforms, warning that artificial intelligence can “disastrously harm” the existence of humanity as a whole if not managed properly.

He explained: “Artificial intelligence is more dangerous, for example, than the mismanagement of aircraft design or production maintenance, in that it has promising potential. civilization”.

Elon Musk’s announcement of his plans to build his own chatbot comes after the launch of an artificial intelligence company called X.AI on April 15. The Financial Times, citing multiple sources, reported that Musk is assembling a team to launch a new startup that works with AI intelligence. , which will be able to compete with the OpenAI 4ChatGPT AI bot.

Source: News + TASS

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