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Tunisia expresses dissatisfaction with the statement of the African Union Commission on the African community on its territory

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Today, Saturday, the Tunisian Ministry of Foreign Affairs expressed its opposition and dissatisfaction with the unfounded accusations contained in the African Commission’s statement on the situation of the African community in Tunisia.

And the Foreign Office added: “We deplore the unfounded and incomprehensible confusion in the African Commission statement between legal African immigrants who live in the world under the protection of Tunisian laws and illegal groups who traffic in people marry them. minors into death boats and use them for criminal purposes, which were based on a misunderstanding of the position of the Tunisian authorities.

The Tunisian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Immigration reaffirmed the commitment of the Tunisian authorities to protect foreign residents of all nationalities and to combat the phenomenon of illegal immigration within the framework of Tunisian law, international and African treaties, without stigmatization or generalization.

The Ministry called on all relevant parties not to be guided by the proposals and accusations of the various parties, which are detrimental to the interests of all African peoples.

The ministry considered that the statement of the African Commission contradicts the results of yesterday’s meeting between the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Tunisia, Ammar Nabil, and the ambassadors of African countries in Tunisia, during which they confirmed their respect for Tunisian laws in the field of immigration, and the rapprochement of the views of the two sides on the phenomenon of illegal immigration.

The Ministry indicated that Tunisia is considered a country of cross-pollination of peoples and civilizations, and that in its history no incidents or offenses against its immigrant guests were known, and no racial discrimination could be shown on its part towards them.

The Ministry reaffirmed Tunisia’s commitment to working with the African Union Commission and all African countries in addressing the challenges of migration to make it safe, dignified and legal migration based on the principle of solidarity for African independence.

Source: RT

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