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Turkish artist suffers severe injuries in New York City train incident

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A Turkish woman was seriously injured after being pushed by a man head in the subway car in New York City over weekend, in What’s her husband called “A”. attack on All New Yorkers.”

“This is work of Not only violence against my wife however against All New Yorkers,” Ferdi Ozsoy told Anadolu Agency (AA) awaiting positive updates. on His wife is Emine Yilmaz Ozsoy. Amina, 35, now award- A winning artist and illustrator who remains in the hospital in critical Case after brutal subway attack.

alleged perpetrator, 39-year- Kamal Samrid, who Reportedly homeless, he was arrested on Tuesday has been charged with Try murder in attack against Ozsoy.

I remember today of By the incident, Ozsoy indicated that he had received a call from the police, notifying him of the subway accident and telling him to take his wife to the hospital.

Amina broke her neck. It is currently unable to move Ozsoy said: “I came to New York in Delay hours And the surgery continued for about 11 hours. “

I fought through surgery like warrior. She is a woman who Brake the barriers. It’s a woman who She has always pursued her dreams. She is an artist. she’s a friend. She is the sweetest person you could ever meet in your life,” he told AA while standing up outside The hospital where Amina is currently receive treatment.

He expressed his gratitude towards the people of New York who Help Amina at the scene of The accident is eyewitnesses, the investigators involved in investigation, New York Police Department (NYPD) for their fleeting fears of striker.

“I was hoping for Mayor office to call us To be sure up on usHe don.

Highlight the importance of Subway as “lifeline”. of the citywonder about the possibilities of flourish city When an artist falls victim to a tragedy. He also emphasized the need of Security within the underground transport system who connects various cutting of the city.

“Measures need to be taken in In order to protect livelihoods of the people who live in this great city. they need To bring order, hmm need investment in Subway trains.

Although the New York City Subway is the “greatest” and “oldest” mode of transportation in the worldnot the “safest”, according to Ozsoy.

Meanwhile, the GoFundMe page set up To help Ozsoy family with Their medical expenses, which she has already receipt six Numbers. like of On Friday afternoon, Page raised nearly $195,000 in Donations.

“this campaign is there to support Amina’s life after the hospital in Okay give her fight chance to enjoy the rest of Her journey through this life,” he said. “But at this moment, we’re looking for more. It’s not the donations we’re looking for for. But we are looking for a way To navigate through these tough times. “

I hope she regains her strength in In order to continue to create beautiful art She has all her years to keep making people glad to show them a side of her creativity added.

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