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Two penguins were born at the Moscow Zoo in January

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Moscow, February 21 – The zoo’s press service told reporters that two penguin cubs were born in the Moscow Zoo on January 1 and 3.
“Two Humboldt penguin chicks were born in the Moscow Zoo on January 1 and 3, and the first was born on New Year’s Day, from December 31 to January 1,” the press service said.
The press service noted that zoologists regularly check the condition of penguin eggs. The sex of the penguins will be known in a few months.
“The parents’ names are Naginya and Tolstaya. This is an experienced couple that has been steadily breeding for five years already. The help of zoologists and veterinarians was not needed in caring for the chicks – the adult penguin does a great job on its own, the press service said.
The general director of the Moscow Zoo, Svetlana Akulova, stressed that zoologists check the chicks on a weekly basis.
“This is a very short procedure that takes no more than a few minutes to minimize potential disturbance to the birds. The penguins are weighed and checked for underfeeding or other possible problems. In parallel, the burrow is disinfected. In addition to the health benefits, such visits by staff allow the formation of trust between them and the birds.

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