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ukraine and russia war, main Munich Security Conference agenda

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President Volodymyr Zelensky was ready for this give Opening address friday at international protection policy Conference where the Russian occupation of Ukraine was expected to be the main topic of discussion in I wake up of A devastating war that had far-reaching repercussions across the world.

About 40 heads of State and government, as well as politicians and security experts from about 100 countriesincluding the United States, Europe and China, and is expected to attend the three-day Munich Security Conference in Germany. Zelenskyy participates via video link.

to me first time in Two decades, the conference organizers did not invite Russian officials. western countries He sought to isolate Russia diplomatically over the invasion of Ukraine that started on February 24, 2022.

German Defense Minister Boris Pistorius said Russia’s war in Ukraine will overshadow the proceedings. Western officials and analysts say the conflict is approaching a critical phase as he enters second year next week.

Pistorius said the war was “not just a European conflict” but had implications far beyond the continent. economies about world They reeled from the impact of the war on Grain supplies, energy prices and inflation.

It was US Vice President Kamala Harris set to join leaders of France, Germany and the United Kingdom at the Munich Conference.

at the same conference last yeardetained just Days before Russian President Vladimir Putin sent troops into Ukraine, Harris shared US warnings that Russia was about to do so attack His neighbor said, “Not since the end of The Cold War held this forum under such dire circumstances.”

in a scheduled letter for Saturday, I will cum out What is at stake in War and why it matters, to advance the cause for keep us support for Ukraine for As long as it will take, the White House said.

Ukraine depends on Western weapons to thwart Putin’s ambition of Control lock of large areas of Country, in what has become test of governments’ resolve growing medium financial costs.

Zelensky portrays Ukraine as an advocate of Western values of Freedom and democracy against and despotism, he says, that his country needed to be adequately provided for to run its affairs off Russia is much larger force. western countries have sided with him, but in times They were slow to accommodate his requests.

Kyiv, after receiving Western pledges of tanks and more Ammunition, now ponder for fighter jets, but some countries I refused to send it.

Frans Timmermans, Executive Vice President of The EU Executive Committee said the 27-nation EU had so far maintained unity on the issue.

“I think everyone can see how the important is for Ukraine win “This war,” Timmermans said. “This is important for Our Europe too, because Putin is not just attacks Ukraine also attack us in In the sense that he does not support rate us.”

He said it was important to make clear that Europe would do so support Ukraine no matter how long the war. Putin is in difficulty Timmermans said, adding that the Russian leader would seek a harshness situation military pressure on Ukraine in the coming weeks and months.

carpenter also He hoped that China would exert pressure on Russia to end the war.

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