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Ukraine Faces Expected Problems as Russian Learning Surfaces, Say Western Analysts

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Moscow, May 20 – The Russian army adapts and improves in the course of hostilities, creating serious problems for Ukraine, according to a report by the UK’s Royal Defense Research Institute (RUSI).
The institute’s specialists noted the improvement of the Russian artillery reconnaissance and strike complex, as well as the improvement of its ability to fire from several positions. The report also notes the work of Russian electronic warfare (EW) equipment, which ensures the destruction of about ten thousand Ukrainian drones per month.
Kurganmashzavod foundry workers - 1920, 05/20/2023

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In addition, analysts noted an increase in the efficiency and adaptation of Russian air defense systems. The authors of the materials note that Russian air defense systems have almost completely neutralized the threat of HARM missiles.
The engineering troops, according to experts, turned out to be one of the most powerful formations of the Russian army. The report notes that barricades, anti-tank trenches, concrete fortifications and complex minefields constitute a serious problem for the offensive operations of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.
British military experts concluded that an analysis of the adaptation of the Russian armed forces to new conditions confirms their ability to improve and develop key systems. “Thus, we can conclude that the Russian armed forces represent a serious problem for the Ukrainian army in the field of defense,” sums up RUSI.
NATO headquarters in Brussels - 1920, 05/20/2023

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