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Ukrainian army to add refurbished M-60 tanks originating in the US via Italy

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Italian journalists at the M109L self-propelled guns repair plant for the Ukrainian army watched the prototype of the M-60 main battle tank.

It is not yet known why the old tank was moved to this location.

As for the self-propelled guns, 20 of them have been prepared, and it is expected that another 40 guns will be sent later to Ukraine.

As for the tanks, the matter is still ambiguous. However, it is known that the Leopard-1 and M-60 tanks, withdrawn from army possession, are stored in the warehouses of the Italian army. Therefore, it is possible that a decision will be made to send part of the old tanks of this type to the combat zone in Ukraine. But before that, some technical and financial problems must be solved in Rome.

It is reported that 200 M-60 tanks were produced in Italy under US license. All of them have now been withdrawn from the possession of the Italian army, but it is possible that 105-mm guns will be removed from them for installation on Leopard-1 tanks. As for its engines, it can be used in other special equipment.

However, recently an Italian company conducted a review of the M60A3 tank, which has undergone a deep modernization. Therefore, experts do not rule out that the old M-60 tanks go through the same process before being sent to Ukraine.

Source: Russian newspaper

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