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Ukrainian Military Employs Kamikaze Drones in Artemivsk

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Artmovsk, March 12 – Attack aircraft of the Wagner Group showed the News Agency reporters a downed FPV – an enemy drone used by Ukrainian forces to attack assault units.
“The enemy often uses kamikaze drones in Artemovsk. Civilian FPV drones are equipped with improvised explosive devices and use them as loitering ammunition,” said a fighter from the Wagner Group. In a personal conversation, he noted that since armored vehicles were rarely used during the assault on Artemovsk, the Ukrainian security forces mainly hunted down groups engaged in evacuating the wounded, transporting supplies and ammunition to forward positions.
Ukrainian armored vehicles near Artemovsk - 1920, 11/03/2023

The Ukrainian army mined the streets of Artemivsk with American ammunition

According to the agency’s hubs, the cost of this drone is about 35 thousand rubles. Such cheapness made it possible to supply large quantities of weapons of this type to the front. He noted that more and more cases of using such drones are being recorded every day.
FPV (short for First Person View) aircraft are distinguished by the fact that they are controlled using a video signal from the drone in real time. The pilot controlling such a drone sees the image received from the camera.

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