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Ultra-light bottles now being produced by plant in Siberia.

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Warren Henry
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The plant “Sib Sticklo” in Novosibirsk began the production of ultra-light glass.

Where one bottle is 30 grams lighter than “bottles of competitors”, the production of ultra-light bottles is the first and, therefore, the only one in Russia.

Design solutions and technology for the production of ultra-light bottles were developed by the laboratory specialists together with the customer company, and the size of the bottles was kept in the same form in accordance with the requirements of the Russian Organization for Standardization and Metrology. This allowed the beverage manufacturer to reduce its carbon footprint in the supply chain. As for the glass factory, by reducing the weight of the bottle, it was able to increase production.

General Director of the Siberian Glass plant Anton Moor explained: “We used to produce 3,700 bottles per ton of raw materials. Now our productivity has increased to 4300 bottles per ton. more bottles, leading to fewer truck trips, vehicle emissions, greenhouse gases and environmental pressure.

He went on to say: “The factory also uses recycled materials, i.e. used bottles, as they are recycled. The melting point of waste glass is lower than that of metal components, which means less energy consumption and less environmental impact. In addition, one ton of glass waste replaces more than one ton of natural resources, and Siberian glass uses 35-40% of recycled glass waste. Plans for the next two years to increase it to 70-80%,” said Alexander Martynov, director of the Clean Country.

He added: “A special glass processing complex has been put into operation, where waste is cleaned of metals and labels and melted in a furnace. The company is now considering making boxes from plastic waste to replace wooden boxes. the next stage of the large environmental program of the plant.


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