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UN Envoy Rejected by Sudanese Authorities as Persona Non Grata

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Amidst a terrible struggle that lasted two months with Rival paramilitary forces, loyal to the Sudanese authorities regular The army has taken an unusual step step by declaring UN envoy Volker Perthes “persona non grata”, alleging biased involvement.

Fighting raged in The North African country since mid-April, when the army chief Abdel Fattah al-Burhan and his comrades former Representative Mohamed Hamdan Daglo. who Paramilitary RSF orders, shifted on each other.

In a letter to the United Nations last month, Burhan accused the envoy of Prejudice and disrespectnational Sovereignty “and exacerbated the fighting between regular Army and Rapid Support Forces.

UN Secretary-General António Guterres has repeatedly defended Perthes.

“the government of Republic of Report Sudan secretary-general of The United Nations has declared Mr. Volker Perthes … persona non grata of Today, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said: in late statement on Thursday.

Sudanese government official who I spoke to AFP on condition of He said not to be identified decision He was taken “because he took sides with Certain political parties stressed that the political process should be limited to certain parties and the exclusion of others.

“when head of The Sovereignty Council (Al-Burhan) wrote to the United Nations secretary-general Asks for To replace him, and the Sudanese did not respond government He had no choice but to take this decision,” the official added.

The United Nations has not yet done so comment on the announcement. I noticed in Tweet on Thursday that was Perthes in The Ethiopian capital, Addis Ababa for a series of talks.

New fight

Sudan is involved in deadly conflict since April 15, with Fighting spread across the country from Khartoum to the west region of Darfur in the challenge of a series of truces.

Eyewitnesses reported hearing clashes on Friday near the Yarmouk complex for the manufacture of weapons and weapons stores in Khartoum, where are the pillars from? of Smoke was seen rising for a second consecutive day.

It was air strikes also Pregnancy out in eastern parts of DC f sound of Anti-aircraft guns were heard.

Since the fighting broke out, more from 1800 people According to the Armed Conflict Event and Location Data Project. United nations says Almost two million people Of them, 476,000 who they took refuge in Neighboring countries.

Those who were unable to leave were forced to camp out for weeks as supplies of Food and other vital commodities run a little.

entire regions of Khartoum no longer has running water, only electricity available for few hours a week and three quarters of Hospitals in combat regions do not work.

The last armistice was agreed upon allow Humanitarian aid was desperately needed in areas devastated by the fighting, however like Whoever preceded it, the agreement was scoffed at by both sides.

The United Nations estimates about 25 million people – more from half of Sudan population – They are now in need of helps.

blame trading

Perths and the United Nations mission His head has been targeted since late last year by military Islamist-backed protests denouncing foreign interference.

a former academic who Sudan presided over mission Since 2021, Perthes has advocated vigorously for the United Nations against accusations of fueling conflict, they say responsible They are “generals at war.”

In his letter to the UN Secretary-General, Al-Burhan accused Perthes of presenting a misleading picture.of consensus” in his reports to the United Nations, and ‘without these marks of Encouragement, the rebel leader Dagalo would not have called him military Operations.”

never was possible to check who Release first shots of the war.

Dagalo, an ambitious militia leader who was originally armed by Bashir to crush the rebels in Darfur was the proof second-in- he commanded before the two fell off outThe latest developments over Integration of the Rapid Support Forces into the army.

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