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UN Envoy Seeks to Utilize Earthquake Calm for Syria Peace Negotiations

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United Nations Special Envoy for Syria highlighted the importance of stop-holdfire Discussions after the calm atmosphere after two devastating earthquakes hit the region.

“we need calm on the earth. Something I will stress when I meet tomorrow with Stop-fire a task force here in Geneva,” Pedersen said in a news Conference, noting that the post-earthquake goodwill that helped unblock aid delivery in Syria should It is applied at the political level to help push efforts to finish 12-year conflict

The earthquakes centered on Turkey struck region last month for her also acted as a wake-upup call to world The Syrian tragedy is “far from over,” noting that after 12 years of War and conflict, Syrians have suffered from a terrible natural disaster.

Attention said on Syria has renewed regionally and internationally after the earthquakes.

“we need To attract this interest and see if it is possible help us Unlock progress on the way forward” He said.

“Without a political solution, the suffering of the Syrians will continue,” he said. “All the challenges that existed before the earthquake remain And I think that’s very important.”

The envoy said it does not exist group or actors resolve This conflict alone, “before adding:” There must be a real political process led by the Syrians themselves and facilitated by the United Nations. There must be coordination international an effort in support of this with everyone key players a job in coherent effort.”

“The status quo is unacceptable,” Pedersen said.

Catastrophic earthquakes of magnitude 7.7 and 7.6 that hit Turkey and Syria last Month, killing more from 50,000 peoplesubmit “Alert-up call to world That the Syrian tragedy is far from over,” He said.

The earthquake came after nearly 12 years of civil war in Syria that devastated vast areas of Country, almost killed half million people and the displaced millions more.

in northwest Syria, where there are approximately 6,000 people Died by the February earthquake, the magnitude of The tragedy of the earthquake helped change long-held positions to facilitate the delivery of aid to rebel-held areas in North West of Country.

More border crossings have been opened to facilitate aid shipments from Turkey, and the effort has been underway made crank up Delivering aid from governmentopposition-held areas in the northwest.

The United States and the European Union have also Reducing penalties ensure Aid can flow in Not related.

Pedersen praised that “in the aftermath of Human earthquakes steps On all sides they transcended previous positions, even if only temporarily.

A month ago, there was no possibility of opening of more Nor the border crossings of moves to mitigate penalties in concrete way. We’ve seen both moves Now,” he pointed out out.

He said that what we desperately need right now is for “The same logic has been applied on The Human Front is now applied on on the political level.”

“earthquake in And she herself has shown this positive steps We are possible If there is political will.”

pedersen, who he have for years trying to do progress with The so-called Constitutional Committee for Syria with a little successbe warned current The geopolitical situation was not ideal for moving forward.

Last July, he had to postpone the meeting indefinitely of Committee after Moscow declined to hold it in Switzerland, which had imposed sanctions on Russia over its war in Ukraine.

“the international Pedersen acknowledged that today’s climate may make a comprehensive solution impossible.

“As long as the Russians don’t do that want To come to the Syrian Geneva government no want to come to Geneva,” he said, adding that he had “months.” of discussions” with And we both hope we’ll be able also to see progress on this file.”

Pedersen insisted, “We can do progress. “

“But then we are need To see on all sides a willingness to make concessions and move forward in a more in a serious way.”

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