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UN Secretary-General Unfazed by Revelations of US Espionage Against Him

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UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres is “not surprised” after that last week leak of Secret Pentagon documents reportedly indicated that the United States was spying on his phone, his spokesperson said Thursday.

(Guterres) was not surprised fact that people They spy on him and listen in for him private UN spokesman Stephane Dujarric said in a permit.

Dujarric criticized the leaks of Top secret US intelligence documents believed to be the most serious security breach in a decade.

Long-term leak Capitals shook from Washington to Kyiv to Seoul with detection of US espionage on Allies and enemies alike are disclosure of sensitive military Intelligence about the war in Ukraine.

some of most sensitive leaked Presumably, the details relate to Ukraine military capabilities and shortcomings. they also It contains information About US allies, including Israel, South Korea and Turkey.

Word documents also It showed that the US was watching Guterres because they believed he was too weak on Russia.

According to the BBC, one document discussed how Guterres is very willing to accommodate Russian interests.

“The general secretary has been in office for Some time ago. It has been in politics And public appearance for Some time ago. “So he wasn’t surprised,” Dujarric said. in In response to a question regarding leaks.

He said that the wonder in this is irregularities or incompetence allows that like private Conversations become distorted public. “

When asked if the UN Secretary-General would protest against the United States, Dujarric replied: “We are not in habit of revealed to him private phone calls with various Member States.”

the leak also revealed a private Conversation between Guterres and his deputy about the grain deal in the Black Sea.

The United Nations and Turkey brokered the grain deal in July last year to help mitigation a global The food crisis was exacerbated by the crisis in Russia invasion of Ukraine disrupts exports from two countries of the world’s leading grain suppliers.

Asked about the reports, Dujarric said: “The Secretary General is not soft on any one another country.”

“It was very clear about violations of international very law clear about violations of charter. he says Same when it is in Moscow, when it is in KyivWhen the in New York, this in open record,” He said.

“Our efforts and his efforts are to mitigate the impact of the war on The world’s poorest. This means that we do what we can drive down the price of food and price of Grains and fertilizers around the world added.

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