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Uncovered: Unanticipated Inheritance and Unexpected Legatee in Pele’s Will

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According to Pele’s widow’s lawyer, the late Pele’s widow will inherit 30 percent of his assets in accordance with his will, which also mentions a woman who may be the unrecognized daughter of the Brazilian legend.

The will states that Pelé’s third and final wife, Marcia Sebele Aoki, will inherit his mansion in Guarauga, a coastal town south of Sao Paulo where her lawyer Luis Quesnel said the couple lived.

Other assets owned by Pele, who died after a long battle with cancer in late December at the age of 82, include real estate and a stake in his brand, Kennell said, adding that a full inventory has not yet been taken and therefore the total amount of the inheritance cannot be determined. .

The lawyer added that the will indicates the possibility of Pele having an unrecognized daughter, who is entitled to part of the remaining 70 percent of the property, which will be shared by the former seven other children of the legendary football player.

Kennell added, “(Pelé) pointed to the possibility of another daughter, whose identification would depend on a DNA test, which Pele failed due to the epidemic and his state of health.”

According to Kennell, the woman in question is a Brazilian citizen and legal steps have been taken to recognize her as Pele’s daughter.

A court in Sao Paulo ordered Pele to undergo a nucleic acid test in September 2022, according to the G1 website. The test is now being conducted on one of his seven confessed children.

The football icon has been married three times and officially acknowledged seven children. From his first marriage in 1966, he had three children: two girls and a boy.

During this period, Pele also gave birth to a daughter in an extramarital affair in 1968, which he admitted in 2002.

From his second marriage in 1994, he had twins.

He is also the father of a daughter born in 1964 from an affair with a housekeeper whom he does not initially acknowledge. But after five years of legal struggle, in 1996 the courts ruled in favor of a young woman who demanded recognition of her paternity. She died of cancer in 2006.

In 2016, Pele married businesswoman Marcia Sibile Aoki without having any children from this relationship.

Source: AFP.

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