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Uncovering Ancient Funeral Rites at a Discovered Cemetery

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Moscow, March 16 – An ancient necropolis was found in Turkey, where unique funeral rites were performed, writes with reference to the Journal of Antiquity.
They were found by archaeologists while searching in Sagalassos. In 333 BC, Alexander the Great conquered this city. The discovered artifacts date back to 100 – 150 years AD.
From other Roman burials of the time, the necropolis at Sagalassos differs in the method of cremation. The bodies were instantly burned. They were also buried under a layer of lime and bricks. Scientists also found intentionally curved toenails next to the remains.
Experts believe that unique funeral rites were held in Sagalassos. It is likely that those who were buried were afraid of some kind of revenge on the dead. Arched nails, for example, could be considered a “magic screen” – they were placed around the ashes. It is possible that lime was used not only for aesthetic reasons, but to keep a person or his soul in the ground.
Earlier an ancient grave of a man and a woman was reported in Armenia.
The city of the Roman era, discovered during archaeological excavations in the area of ​​\u200b\u200bJesse Andrews' house next to the Luxor Temple - 1920, 01/27/2023

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