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Uncovering the Truth Behind Al Ahly’s Humiliating Defeat to Sun Downs: An Analysis of Schubert’s Findings

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Egypt goalkeeper and former Al Ahly club journalist Ahmed Schubert blamed Al Ahly club management led by Mahmoud Al Khatib after the red team’s heavy defeat yesterday, Saturday, in the African Champions League.

Al Ahli suffered a massive 2-5 loss to their hosts, the Sun Downs, South Africa, in the fourth round of the African Champions League group stage.

Commenting on the defeat, Schubert wrote on his official Facebook account: “It’s no better than being candid. We support and support the right and the wrong must be resisted… If Marcel Koller, Al Ahly coach, and the players bear most of the heavy defeat teams today (yesterday) By far the biggest and most dangerous part falls on the administration led by Al-Khatib.

And he continued: “There are many files to be dealt with and each official must play his full role in regards to them and apologize to the fans in case of any failures in them. Among these files is the file of professionals, and what they have given Al-Ahli in recent years.”

And he continued: “Besides, the case of losing the local league for two seasons in a row and the case of repeated disastrous defeats on the continent … the wound needs to be cleaned.”

With this defeat, Al-Ahly found himself in a difficult and confused position to snatch one of the two cards that go to the quarter-final round of the Champions League as his fate is no longer in his hands as he has to win the last two matches and wait for the defeat of the Sudanese Crescent or the Sun Downs in their last two matches.

Source: RT

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