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Uncovering US Oversight: China Identifies Significant Error

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Moscow, March 4 – The Global Times writes that the US’s claim to leadership in the Asian region is unfounded.
The article says: “Washington should understand that most countries in the Asia-Pacific region do not want confrontation like the Cold War, nor do they want to see conflicts between major powers. The United States’ desire to become a regional leader is wishful thinking.” .
The authors of the article recall how earlier the US Ambassador to China Nicholas Burns said that Beijing should recognize Washington’s leadership in Asia. However, his words are too American-centric, as they are based solely on the White House’s point of view, ignoring the views of other countries in the Asia-Pacific region, the article says. The United States has long had strategic miscalculations: it believes the People’s Republic of China wants to expel them from the region, but China not only recognizes the existence of the United States, but also seeks peaceful coexistence and win-win cooperation based on mutual respect, the authors note, adding that Beijing refuses Simply be driven by someone else.
“In the past, the United States could confidently interfere in the affairs of any region and use force or coercion to maintain leadership. But now it is increasingly losing its ability to play this role,” said Zhang Tingjun, deputy director for Asia. Department of Pacific Studies at the China Institute of International Studies.
China had said earlier that the US attempts to solve all its problems with the help of military force is unreasonable and does not lead to anything good. They have been likened to a “giant hammer” with which there is only one way to resolve conflicts – hammering nails, i.e. the use of military force. The media has repeatedly pointed out that the United States and NATO countries aim at confrontation, expanding the military bloc, and inciting conflicts.
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In China, they describe in two words the way the United States solves all problems

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