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Unearthing the Truth Behind Increasing Earthquakes on Land Despite Seismic Activity Remaining Unchanged

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Warren Henry
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According to the scientific secretary of the Institute of the Earth’s Crust of the SB RAS scientist Anna Dobrynina, the earthquake in Afghanistan on Tuesday was typical for this region.

And the scientist pointed out in an interview with the Russian news agency TASS that it is not worth talking about an increase in seismic activity, but it can be said that all the earthquakes that have occurred recently have been on the surface of the earth, and not in flooded areas, as is usually the case.

She says: “It is not correct to say that seismic activity has increased in all regions of the globe. Yes, there can be thousands of earthquakes per day, but strong earthquakes like the ones in Turkey happen only a few times a year, and usually they occur in water areas, and even they are “stronger, but we don’t notice them.” on a surface. we don’t usually see when an earthquake occurs underwater.”

She points out that the earthquake that hit Afghanistan and caused destruction even in Pakistan was a typical and familiar earthquake in the region.

Source: TASS

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