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Uniting to Overcome US Sanctions: A Call to Action from Khamenei

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Iran’s Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei said the countries subject to US sanctions should work together to eliminate this mechanism.

Khamenei added during a meeting with Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko on Monday in Tehran that the level of relations should be significantly upgraded if both sides are willing to honor the agreements.

He stated that there are many common issues of concern to both sides, including sanctions imposed by the US and the West through intimidation of some countries.

He stated that countries that are under US sanctions should cooperate with each other and form a joint team to lift the sanctions mechanism, indicating that he believes the case can be done.

Countries subject to US sanctions should oppose the scheme of sanctions through cooperation and establishment up joint assembly and it can be done.

– (@khamenei_ir) March 13, 2023

He explained that the countries that are subject to US sanctions, if they use their mutual opportunities to the full, will benefit all parties.

Khamenei stressed that agreements and words should not end with the end of the meetings, but should be carried out with special control and in accordance with a specific time.

Khamenei mentioned in context that tough sanctions have prompted Iran to recognize its capabilities and latent powers, stressing that during the period of sanctions, the ground has been created for the country’s progress in many areas.

In addition, the Iranian guide said that the establishment of a trade and transport route between north and south is in the interests of the two countries, as well as the interests of Russia and the region, indicating that both sides should make efforts to establish this.

For his part, the Belarusian president said at a meeting with Khamenei that Iran has achieved amazing experience and progress during the period of sanctions.

He added: “We believe this is an opportunity for progress if the terms of the sanctions are applied correctly.”

Alexander Lukashenko stressed that the purpose of his visit to Iran is to become familiar with Iranian achievements, saying: “I came to Iran to assure you of my determination to open a new page in relations between the two countries.”

He added: “With the cooperation and will of the President of Iran, we will fulfill all agreements concluded under special control and at a certain time.”

He explained that the difficult international circumstances that we are currently witnessing distinguish true friends from others, indicating that his country is in the mood for realistic cooperation, in particular with those who accompany it.

President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko and his accompanying delegation met with Imam Khamenei just Hour ago

– (@khamenei_ir) March 13, 2023

Source: RT

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