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Unprecedented Debate in Israel: Rumours Surrounding Party Responsible for Megiddo Operation

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Israel’s claims and the ambiguity surrounding the Megiddo operation sparked widespread controversy in the Israeli media over her crossing 60 km and crossing the border into Lebanon to conduct a Hezbollah-backed operation.

An Israeli government official confirmed to Channel 14 that if it became clear that Hezbollah was involved in the Megiddo attack, a violent response would be used, noting that the operation in question took place last Monday and resulted in the injury of an Israeli.

It is noteworthy that in a joint statement, after the removal of the ban on the publication of the aforementioned operation, the Israeli army, Shin Bet and Israeli police said that the security forces killed a man who conducted an operation last Monday near Megiddo. node.

The details of the operation were classified while security forces and the military began to analyze her data and assess her safety.

For his part, a correspondent for the Jewish radio Kan stated: “The Shin Bet still imposes a ban on more detailed information. It is said that the identity of the perpetrator is unknown, but the investigation, although they are studying his links with the Lebanese Hezbollah, doubts also revolve around the possibility of Hamas involvement. And his front in Lebanon, led by Saleh al-Aruri.

For its part, Yediot Ahronot said: “Netanyahu and Galant have ordered the army to refrain from responding to the incident and await the completion of the investigation.”

And the Hebrew newspaper added: “Whoever sends an armed man tens of kilometers deep into Israel with a powerful bomb that was supposed to kill dozens of civilians, he considered the harsh reaction that he and we can draw into the war. He prepared.” to do so at a time when Israel is facing its worst crisis.” It’s time to wake up quickly and realize that this is not another round in Gaza.”

Regarding Defense Secretary Yoav Gallant, he said: “We will continue until the investigation into the incident is closed, and I also urge the public to refrain from spreading false news and rumors on social media.”

Source: RT

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