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Unveiling Lionel Messi’s negotiations with Al-Hilal post his arrival in Saudi Arabia

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Argentine star Lionel Messi, a Paris Saint-Germain player, has just arrived in Saudi Arabia with his family, sparking controversy among Al-Hilal fans.

Many press reports indicated that Al-Hilal from Saudi Arabia made an offer to sign Messi next summer.

The Argentine star has a contract with Paris Saint-Germain that expires in the summer of 2023 and has not yet decided on his position on a contract extension.

The truth about Lionel Messi’s talks with Al-Hilal after he arrived in Saudi Arabia

Ahmed Al-Khatib, the Minister of Tourism of Saudi Arabia, said on his personal page via Twitter: “I welcome Saudi Ambassador for Tourism Lionel and his family on his second tourist trip to Saudi Arabia.”

Sports critic Abu Latifa said that Messi’s presence in Saudi Arabia is to support tourism and is not related to negotiations with the Al-Hilal club.

Abu Latifa confirmed that there has not yet been an official proposal from Al Hilal to include the Argentine star.

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