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Unveiling the Reasons Behind Berlin’s Decision to Expel Russian Diplomats

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Berlin, April 22 – The German channel n-tv, citing information from the German Foreign Ministry, claimed that the decision to expel Russian diplomats from Germany came to reduce the “presence of special services” in the country.
Earlier, the Russian Foreign Ministry the News Agency reported that Berlin had decided on another mass expulsion of employees of Russian diplomatic missions in Germany. In response, Moscow decided to reverse the expulsion of German diplomats from the Russian Federation.
It is noteworthy that the German Foreign Ministry told the TV channel that the purpose of expelling Russian diplomats is to reduce the “intelligence presence” in the country.
“Today’s departure of the Russian embassy staff is linked to exactly this,” the message quoted the words of a representative of the German Foreign Ministry.
Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova told the News Agency on Saturday that more than 20 German diplomats have been expelled from Russia. According to the News Agency, Germany, for its part, has expelled more than 20 Russian diplomats. At the same time, German newspaper Bild claims that more than 30 of the approximately 90 German diplomats working in Russia will leave Moscow.
In March, the Russian Foreign Ministry spoke of Berlin’s “unhealthy steps” and noted that German Foreign Minister Analina Bierbock was suffering from “espionage mania”.
Building of the Russian Foreign Ministry - 1920, 02/18/2023

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