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US Attorney General’s Office Seeks Documents on Trump’s Foreign Business Transactions and Records

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Moscow, May 23 – The US Federal Attorney General’s office requested documents on former President Donald Trump’s foreign dealings, starting in 2017, The New York Times reported, citing sources.
Former US President Donald Trump - 1920, 05/15/2023

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According to the newspaper, quoting sources, the agenda requested information about the real estate and license of the former head of the Trump Organization in seven countries, namely China, France, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, the United Arab Emirates and the Sultanate of Oman.
The publication adds that the Trump Organization rejected any foreign deals when Trump was president, and the only deal Trump concluded after the end of his presidency was with a Saudi real estate company to register a residential complex, a hotel and golf in his home. The name that will be built in Amman. He closed the deal in the fall of 2022, before announcing a new presidential campaign.
In addition, when asking for information about foreign companies, prosecutors are looking to see if there is any connection between Trump’s foreign dealings and the classified documents he took with him when he left office. According to the newspaper, it also remains unclear what material the Trump Organization turned over in response to the subpoena.
Possession of classified documents led to a raid on Trump’s estate in August 2022. Law enforcement officers came to his Mar-a-Largo, Florida home as part of a case of illegal use, theft, and destruction of office materials. Law enforcement officials seized thousands of documents, including various levels of confidentiality, even the highest levels. Trump disagreed with the investigation’s actions and criticized the Justice Department’s actions, saying they were politically motivated.
Former US President Donald Trump - 1920, 04/07/2023

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