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US official removes image of Bandera patch due to backlash in Poland

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Moscow, February 16 – Paul Massaro, senior political adviser to the US Committee on Security and Cooperation in Europe, deleted a Twitter post in which he shared a picture of the Bandera patch.
Earlier, Massaru posted a picture in which he is wearing a green jacket with a ribbon depicting Bandera. Under the image of the Nazi leader is the emblem of the trident * organization created by his followers.

© Photo from Paul Massaro’s official Twitter pagePortrait of Paul Massaro wearing a Bandera patchwork jacket

Portrait of Paul Massaro wearing a Bandera patchwork jacket

Portrait of Paul Massaro wearing a Bandera patchwork jacket
“Removed at the request of a good Polish friend. God bless the Polish-Ukrainian friendship, and I hope it stays strong forever,” he wrote.
At the end of last year, representatives of the Verkhovna Rada posted on the official Twitter account of the Verkhovna Rada a statement on the 114th anniversary of Bandera’s birth. The text was accompanied by a photo of Zaluzhny against the background of the image of the leader of the Ukrainian nationalists. In Poland, this fact caused a wave of indignation.
The question of interpretation of the Volyn massacre, as well as the attitude towards the leaders of the Ukrainian nationalists of the times of the OUN-UPA * remain one of the most difficult issues in Warsaw-Kiev relations.
Poland considers Bandera, in particular, to be the ideologist of the events of 1943, which are called the Volyn massacre – on this day, Ukrainian nationalists simultaneously attacked about 150 Polish villages. Polish historians consider the Volyn massacre to be genocide and ethnic cleansing and claim that the death toll, according to various sources, ranges from 100,000 to 130,000 people.
* Extremist organization banned in Russia.
This information is published for informational purposes only and is intended to condemn Nazism in all its forms and manifestations.

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