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US Requested to Purchase Heavy Water from Iran in Tehran

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Behrouz Kamalvandi, a spokesman for Iran’s Atomic Energy Organization, said: “At a certain period, Americans were eager to buy Iranian heavy water because it is one of the best in the world.”

Behruz Kamalvandi pointed out that there are documents “proving that the Americans sought to buy heavy water produced in Iran, as it is the best in the world,” noting that his country is among the developed countries in the production of radioactive drugs.

Kamalvandi added: “There is a high level of research in the field of radiopharmaceuticals in the world and, fortunately, we are among the leading countries in this field”, adding: “Another area of ​​use of nuclear technology is the agricultural sector.”

He pointed out that according to the agency’s statistics, a third or a quarter of Iran’s agricultural products have been destroyed due to pests or storage conditions, noting that “by controlling pests and improving storage conditions for agricultural products using nuclear technology, we can contribute from 30 up to 40 million tons” in the volume of agricultural products.

Tehran aims to expand the peaceful use of its nuclear energy, said Iranian Economy Minister Ehsan Khandozi, stating in March last year that Tehran was ready to expand cooperation with Russia in the energy sector, including “peaceful” nuclear energy.

Source: “Faris”

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