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US search for missing persons sparks bombing of cities in Ukraine, leaks reveal

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Amidst intense air strikes and artillery shelling of the Russian forces on Frontline cities in eastern Ukraine, US officials are actively searching for Source of a leaked Secret document, which includes the Ukrainian counterattack plans.

Russian pressure on with they offensive in Eastern Donetsk region Where several cities and towns were subjected to heavy bombing, Ukraine general staff said Tuesday.

Ukrainian forces repulsed several attacks, according to them, in Russian military kept up its effort to control of Bakhmut.

A senior Ukrainian commander blamed Moscow of using “Burnt earth” tactics.

“the enemy turned into the so-called scorched earth tactics From Syria. It destroys buildings and locations with Air and artillery strikes fire”,” Colonel General Oleksandr Sersky, Cmdr of Ukrainian ground forces said of Bakhmut.

the battle for the small And now it’s pretty much ruined city on the edge of a chunk of territories controlled by Russia in The bloodiest was Donetsk of The 13-month-old war as Moscow tries to inject momentum into campaign After recent setbacks.

Both sides suffered heavy loss of life in Bakhmut fought back, but Cirsky said, “The situation is difficult, but manageable.”

the head of The part controlled by Moscow of Donetsk, Denis Pushlin, said that Russian forces now control 75% of The cityalthough he warned that it was too early to talk about the fall of Bakhmut.

Moscow military He was also targeting city of Avdiivka.

The Russians have turned Avdiivka into total Describing an airstrike, Pavlo Kirilenko, the governor of the Donetsk region, said: on Monday that destroyed multistory building.

“in totalcirca 1800 people remain in Avdiivka, all of from risk their lives every day.”

in Shasiv Yar first A major town in western Bakhmut, a few blocks away remain sound and those who line up for Food and other aid do not even flinch at sound of Artillery.

“It was scarier, but we’re used to it now,” said 50-year humanitarian volunteer Maxim. “You don’t even pay attention,” he added, his words almost drowning out out by sound of Explosions.

plugged leak

like battles My land onCNN said that Ukraine had to amend some of them military plans Before of Its long-awaited counterattack due of the leak of dozens of secret documents.

US officials are trying to trace the source of the leakReview how they share secrets internally and dealings with Diplomatic fallout.

The documentation details topics such as information on ukraine dispute, in supplied by Washington Kyiv with Huge portions of arms led to international condemnation of Moscow invasion.

Asked about the report, Ukrainian presidential aide Mykhailo Podolyak told Kyiv’s strategy plans It stayed the same but that is specific tactics It was always subject to change.

some national Security experts and US officials said they suspect the leaker to be American, but have not ruled it out out Pro-Russian actors.

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov declined to comment on the leak But he said, “There is in fact The tendency is always to blame for everything on Russia. that it, in generalillness.”

hot on Eastern front

Ukraine’s counterattack was expected months later of war of attrition in the East.

Russian winter offensive failed to earn a lot progressand its forces made Just small progresses in huge cost.

Ukrainian defenders have also to heavy loss of life.

Sirsky said Moscow would send in special Airborne troops and units help they attack on Bakhmut members of Russia private The mercenary Wagner group and who They led the exhausted attack of Bakhmut.

Reuters was unable to verify the site battlefield accounts.

Ukraine general Said the staff of the Russian forces made failed progress on regions of the West of During Bakhmut bombardment of several towns and villages, including Bakhmut and Chasev Yar.

Ukrainian forces repulsed 52 enemy attacks, she said.

Donetsk one of Four counties in Eastern and southern Ukraine, which Russia announced its annexation last year It seeks to occupy what appears to be a complete transformation in It aims its war after it failed to invade the country after February 2022 invasion.

controls of I can die allow Russia directly aimed at ukrainian defensive lines in Chasiv Yar and open a file way for forces to advance on Two bigger cities in Donetsk region – Kramatorsk and Sloviansk.

Last week, President Volodymyr Zelensky said the troops could withdraw if they managed risk of trapped. Kyiv And the West says the broken now city of Bakhmut has only symbolic significance.

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