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Valladolid supporters assault Ronaldo and demand his departure

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Valladolid fans called on Brazilian legend Ronaldo to leave the club in which he owns a 72% stake during the team’s last match against Real Mallorca in the Spanish Football League.

And the Argentine ole network reported that during the match against Real Mallorca, which took place at the José Rosella stadium, the fans chanted at the Brazilian star and said: “Ronaldo, leave now.”

Valladolid came out with a positive 3-3 draw in front of their guest, Real Mallorca, last Sunday for the 28th round of La Liga.

Valladolid is in 17th place in the standings with 29 points and just two points away from the relegation centres.

🔔 | Real Valladolid fans chant “Ronaldo, leave now!” during game against Mallorca

– SPORTbible News (@SportBibleNews) April 11, 2023

Criticism erupted after Ronaldo decided to sack Valladolid manager José Rojo Bacheta on April 3, hours after the team’s 6-0 loss to Real Madrid.

The position of the masses is a continuation of previous positions in which they criticized Ronaldo’s stay in Madrid, and not in the city where Valladolid is located.

Around the Jose Rosella stadium, as well as the training center, fans placed banners, one of which read: “Ronaldo defends the interests of Real Madrid, not Valladolid!”

This is not the first criticism leveled against Ronaldo’s “phenomenon”: two years ago fans asked him to stop playing tennis and focus on the team.

Source: Arabic Post

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