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Various Reasons Lead to Mass Passes of Syrian National Team

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Argentinean Hector Cooper, coach of the Syrian national football team, announced the list of players who will take part in a friendly match with the Vietnamese national team.

The delegation of the Syrian national team will leave for Vietnam next Sunday morning for a training camp, which will end with a friendly match against Vietnam, which will begin on the twelfth of this month and end on the twentieth.

The national team coach agreed to the apologies of each of the players: Omar Khribin for maintaining official papers for his family in Germany and Mohammed al-Khallaq for performing a surgical operation, as well as Mohammed Othman, Abd al-Rahman Weiss and Simon. Amin for completing his recovery from his last period injury, in addition to a group of players whose participation with the Olympic team in the West Asian Championships prevented them from joining the camp.

Source: “facebook/ Siriantha

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