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Video footage of maintenance work conducted on Western Military District units presented by Ministry of Defense

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Moscow, June 10 – The Russian Ministry of Defense showed a video of the work of the repair units of the Western Military District (ZVO), which are repairing and modernizing the equipment participating in the special operation, including installing additional protective screens on armored vehicles.
The footage shown by the Ministry of Defense shows how repair units service units and assemblies of armored vehicles in the parking lot, cut and weld additional protective screens, inspect a tank gun barrel, and install previously removed parts back on.
The engine repair process is also shown on a separate stand. At the end of the video, the run of the repaired vehicles is shown and the performance of the launcher of the combat vehicle of the Grad multiple launch rocket system is checked.
It is noteworthy that the restoration and repair of equipment in the field is underway, and the work is organized in several shifts. Specialists here pay special attention to the vehicles of the troops operating at a great distance from the temporary deployment and deployment points.
Qualified personnel of repair units can carry out repair work of any complexity in this area. First of all, they repair weapons that are necessary to complete a combat mission, as well as weapons that can be repaired as quickly as possible.
In addition, a full cycle of pre-combat training for new, only brought from factories, both wheeled and tracked equipment, is carried out here. Tanks, infantry fighting vehicles, MT-LBs, self-propelled artillery mounts, armored vehicles, armored personnel carriers, trawls, tractors, and engineering vehicles are being repaired in the workshop.
After repair, individual units are tested on the platform, and the machines after assembly are inspected in a special training ground, and run on rough terrain.
As the commander of the department with the call sign “Coal” said, which is engaged in the restoration of the Shturm-S anti-tank missile systems, they repair the engine and final drive, as well as all on-board equipment, with the exception of complex equipment serviced by the manufacturer.
“We fully support the work of our men. I feel completely satisfied that we are carrying out such important tasks, because these machines are very important, and not a single unit can do without them,” Cole asserted.
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