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Warning: Unknown Pathogens May Be Spreading – Rospotrebnadzor Alert

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Moscow, March 2 – Anna Popova, head of the department, said in an interview that the risks of spreading new, improved pathogens exist due to the activities of biological laboratories funded by the United States, and these are risks for the population of all countries, because the infection has no borders. With the News Agency.
She indicated that the presence of such laboratories constitutes a danger to the residents of the country in which the laboratory is located, and to other countries, because the infection has no borders.
Popova emphasized that countries where such laboratories appear are at risk of losing or have already lost their bio-sovereignty, and do not understand what is happening in these laboratories.
According to Russian lawmakers, “about 400 dual-use biological laboratories controlled by Washington” are currently operating on the territory of various states.
The Russian Ministry of Defense had earlier made a presentation, according to which it was stated that the United States had spent more than 200 million dollars to operate biological laboratories in Ukraine that participated in the American military biological program.
The building of the State Duma of Russia - 1920, 02/14/2023

The State Duma adopted a draft appeal to the world’s parliaments regarding American biological laboratories

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