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Washington halts Black Sea flights of its strategic drones

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The US has completely grounded its Global Hawk strategic jet over the Black Sea following the Reaper drone incident.

According to Flightradar24, the last time an American Global Hawk drone flew over the Black Sea off the coast of Crimea was on March 21. Since then, these American drones based in Sicily have not entered the airspace over the Black Sea. At the same time, for the entire previous period since the beginning of the Russian special forces operation, these American drones have carried out an average of eight to ten reconnaissance flights per month over the sea area opposite Crimea.

The information available to the site indicates that from March 21 to April 20, Global Hawk made only three flights from an air base in Sicily, but all of them passed within the borders of Romanian airspace at a distance of more than 400 km. from the Crimean peninsula, i.e. outside the radar coverage area, these drones are capable of receiving radar images of the terrain with a maximum range of 200 km.

In turn, an informed source told a Novosti correspondent that the last time an American Global Hawk drone flew over the Black Sea near the Crimean peninsula was on March 21.

The source said: “After the incident with the American Reaper drone that crashed into the waters of the Black Sea on April 14, two more flights of the Global Hawk drone were made over the Black Sea – on March 17 and 21. – both at a distance of at least 140 km from the southern coast of Crimea.

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