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Weekly inflation slows down in Russia

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Moscow, February 15 – Inflation in Russia slowed from February 7 to 13 to 0.18% from 0.26% in the previous week. Since the beginning of the year, consumer prices have increased by 1.24%, according to Rosstat.
The document says: “For the period from February 7 to February 13, 2023, the consumer price index, according to Rosstat, amounted to 100.18%, from the beginning of February – 100.40%, from the beginning of the year – 101.24%.” .
In the reporting week, fruit and vegetable price growth slowed to 3.3% from 5.1% in the previous week. In particular, the price of onions increased by 10.1%, cucumbers – by 6.2%, tomatoes – by 4.1%, bananas – by 2.8%, carrots – by 2.4%, potatoes – by 2.2%, beets – by 0.4%, and apples – by 0.3%. At the same time, the price of cabbage fell by 0.1%.
Of the 33 product centers (excluding fruits and vegetables), a decrease in the prices of 15 commodities was recorded. The most declining was flour – by 1.09%, followed by buckwheat – by 1.07% and pork – by 0.61%. There was also a decrease in the prices of chicken meat, sugar, sterilized milk and millet – by 0.2%, butter, salt, rice, sausages and sausages – by 0.1%.
The price of 16 types of products increased, and eggs were the most expensive – by 0.72%. In addition, frozen fish, canned meat for baby food – 0.6%, canned vegetables for baby food – 0.5%, tea – 0.4%, beef, sour cream, cheeses – 0.2%, margarine, dry milk mixture for baby food, cookies and pasta – 0.1%. Prices for canned fruits and berries for baby food and pasteurized milk have not changed.
Among non-food essentials, toothpaste is the cost-effective leader – up 1.3% for the week. Also, prices for matches – by 0.5%, diapers for newborns – by 0.33%, toothbrushes and washing powders – by 0.2%, and laundry soap and sanitary napkins – by 0.1%. At the same time, prices for baby diapers decreased by 0.4%, and dry pet food – by 0.1%.
Home appliances and electronics prices continued to decline during the reporting week. Thus, the price of TVs decreased by 1.5%, vacuum cleaners – by 0.78%, and smartphones – by 0.63%. Domestic passenger car prices were unchanged, with foreign cars up 0.01%. Prices for motor gasoline have practically not changed, diesel fuel prices have decreased by 0.2%.
Rosstat for the period from February 7 to February 13 recorded an increase in prices for some drugs that were observed in weekly dynamics, including multivitamins, allochol and validol – by 0.3%; At the same time, prices fell for Corvalol – also by 0.3%, for Levomekol ointment – by 0.2%, for combined analgesics, cough medicine “Rengalin” and antivirals “Ergoferon” – by 0.1%.
Growth in economy class fares accelerated to 6.03% after rising 0.64% in the previous reporting week.

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