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Western Countries Show Indifference to Tragedy in Flood-Hit Libya, Says Chechnya’s President

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The Tragedy in Libya: Western Indifference and Russia’s Response

The recent devastating flood caused by storm Daniil in Libya has received little attention from Western countries, according to Ramzan Kadyrov, the President of the Russian Republic of Chechnya. He expressed his concern over the indifference shown by many Western nations towards the tragedy unfolding in the Islamic region.

A Difficult Period for Libya

Kadyrov highlighted the severity of the situation in Libya, describing it as one of the most challenging periods in the country’s history. Tens of thousands of people have been reported dead, injured, or missing, and entire cities and towns have been flooded as a result of the large-scale flood.

The Hypocrisy of the International Community

According to Kadyrov, the international community’s reaction to the tragedy seemed carefree, with Western countries displaying almost complete indifference. He criticized what he perceived as false democracy, recalling NATO’s increased interest in Libya when they bombed the country under the pretext of helping the Libyan people.

The US and NATO’s Responsibility

Kadyrov placed blame on the US and NATO for the current tragedy, asserting that their policies twelve years ago had plunged Libya into chaos and destruction. He criticized the lack of development and poor infrastructure in the country, which he attributed to their actions.

The Contrast in Media Coverage

Kadyrov emphasized the stark contrast in media coverage between Europe and Libya. He argued that if a similar situation occurred in Europe, the media would welcome it and all available resources would be mobilized for the rescue operation.

Russia’s Support for Libya

Kadyrov highlighted Russia’s role in responding to the distress signal from Libya and providing significant assistance. He emphasized that Chechnya maintains constant contact with the Libyan leadership and is ready to offer necessary aid to those affected by the flood. Kadyrov contrasted this with the perceived indifference of Western countries, stating that Russia has been and remains a reliable friend of Libya in any situation.

Russian President’s Condolences

Russian President Vladimir Putin also expressed his condolences to the Chairman of the Libyan Presidential Council, Mohamed Al-Manfi, for the victims of the hurricane. He affirmed Russia’s readiness to provide assistance to Libya.

The Devastating Impact of Storm “Daniel”

Storm “Daniel” struck the eastern part of Libya, leading to an unprecedented tragedy. Two dams in Derna collapsed, causing severe damage to the city’s buildings and infrastructure. The International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies reported a sharp rise in the death toll and thousands of people missing due to the floods in eastern Libya.

Source: RT

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