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What are the causes and signs of anemia in women, and how to get rid of it? .. A famous female doctor answers!

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Dr. Tatyana Shapovalova in the TV program revealed the main causes of the common problem of anemia.

The doctor indicates that anemia is characterized by low levels of hemoglobin and red blood cells in the blood. There are various types of anemia, but iron deficiency anemia is the most common.

And he adds: “Symptoms of anemia are dizziness, heart palpitations, pallor, dry skin, shortness of breath, chest pain, cold hands and feet, and fatigue.

According to her, “anemia does not develop for no reason.”

“If a woman doesn’t replenish her iron stores, by the age of 35, 100% of women will be anemic,” she says.

And adds: In addition, iron deficiency and problems in the digestive system can lead to anemia, and signs of iron deficiency appear in the form of muscle pain, fatigue, brittleness and brittle hair.

According to her, iron is found in pomegranates, sprouted grains, eggs, meat and buckwheat porridge.

Source: News. EN

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