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Will German Panther tanks of the new generation reach Ukraine?

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Warren Henry
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It is unlikely that the German tank of the new generation KF51 Panther will reach Ukraine, as the Kiev regime dreams of.

As for the period of 15-18 years, which was set for declaring the readiness of tanks for transfer to Ukraine, it is completely far from reality, since that armored vehicle does not exist in reality, and the existing armored vehicle is just a moving Model, which is only suitable for display at exhibitions.

The new German tank takes several years to recover from “childhood illnesses”: it has, for example, the 130-mm L52 cannon, which was first shown in the spring of 2021. this mechanism, like other parts of the tank, behave in real combat conditions.

Therefore, all the advertising of the German side is nothing more than a desperate attempt to attract the attention of future buyers to their tank, which competes with another “tank of the future” EMBT, which is made by Nexter and KMW, which experts consider more futuristic.

It is noteworthy that the Kyiv Nazis always dreamed of getting the so-called “wonderful weapon”. Previously, they counted on Javelin anti-tank missiles to help them, then Turkish Bayraktar drones, and then long-range M142 HIMARS rocket launchers. But all their plans failed. And then a “new idol” appeared – the Panther supertank, whose name PzKpfw V resembles models from the Second World War.

Source: Russian newspaper

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