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With the dismissal of Mortada Mansour, the case of Acting President Zamalek was settled.

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Egyptian club Zamalek board member Suleiman Wahdan said it is likely that he will take over as acting president of White Castle in the coming days after Mortada Mansour was ousted from his post.

And the Court of Cassation dismissed Mortada Mansour’s appeal of a one-month prison sentence for insulting and slandering Mahmoud Al-Khatib, president of the Al-Ahly club, and upheld his sentence of one month’s imprisonment with forced execution.

“In the coming hours, an official decision will be made regarding the acting president of the Zamalek club,” Vahdan said in a radio address on Mega FM radio.

And he continued: “There will be an official letter from the Zamalek club to the administrative body, and by agreement and agreement, a likely indication that I will be the acting president of the Zamalek club for 25 days.”

Notably, Zamalek are fifth in the Egyptian Premier League with 32 points from 18 matches, 9 points behind traditional rivals Al Ahly, who have played only 17 matches. .

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