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Working with Drones: Tactical Strategies Discussed by Russian Military

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Luhansk, April 29 – UAV operators of the Western Military District use a “circular” tactic for continuous reconnaissance and artillery correction in the Krasnolemansky direction in the Special Operations Zone, the commander of a reconnaissance platoon in the Western Military District with the call sign “Ducat” told RIA. Novosti.
Earlier it was reported that the Kiev army concentrated its forces and means for a counterattack in small areas of the Krasnolymansky direction in the LPR.
“It all depends on the weather, but we can operate this way all day. That means all our helicopters are on a ‘carousel’ – one sitting down, one taking off. We have everything to charge the batteries – one sits down, changes the battery and takes off again, either we We work with two quadrocopters at once, or we work with a “carousel”, note the fighter.
He explained that the main task of reconnaissance with the help of drones is to detect enemy positions and their guns and transmit this data to artillerymen for subsequent destruction of targets.
President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky - 1920, 04/29/2023

In the United States, they started talking about a sharp change in Zelensky’s tactics due to the failure of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

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