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Xavi Shocks Real Madrid with Passionate Remarks

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Javi Hernandez, Barcelona coach, commented on the victory over Real Madrid at the Santiago Bernabeu in the first leg of the Copa del Rey semi-final.

The El Clasico match ended with the first leg of the Cup semi-finals, in which the Catalan club won 1-0.

The second leg between the Royal Club and the Catalan club will take place on April 5, 2023 at the Santiago Bernabeu stadium.

Xavi surprised Real Madrid with a fiery statement

Javi Hernandez spoke at a press conference after the El Clasico meeting, saying: “Real Madrid are the favorites in the confrontation because they have these things. Physically they are very strong. It’s very difficult, they have a great team. We underestimated Vinicius who usually creates 6/7 chances and nothing today. We played against Real Madrid, champions of the Champions League.

He continued, “I will leave happy with the result because we knew how to suffer. But I can’t leave satisfied with the whole game.

He added: “The 1-0 gives us an edge but we still need to compete very well against Real Madrid who I consider strong, I still consider them the favourites.

Xavi surprised Real Madrid with a fiery statement

And he continued: “We couldn’t keep the ball, it was difficult for us to win the game in possession of the ball, but we defended very well. We fought to the end, and this is very positive.

And he continued: “The plan was to have the ball for a long time, play on the opposite field and control the match with the ball, but you meet Madrid and it happens in Europe, big teams can dominate you.

He added: “We only defended without the ball. It’s part of the game, not our goal, but we didn’t miss much. For us, this is a very important victory.

And he added: “I think that today we were exceptional, and this should be assessed positively.”

He added: “Today we cannot boast of how, it is clear that this is not the match we want. But sometimes the opponent can involve us in scenarios that we don’t want. That’s why we work so hard on defense too. It’s hard to take the ball away from Modric and Kroos.

And he continued: “If we lose today, nothing will happen either, we didn’t do anything … the second leg in April, and then we’ll see what happens.” We have 0:1. We showed ourselves, competed and did a great job.

He concluded: “I don’t like the match with the ball, but there are other moments of the match. Today they conquered us in possession and control of the ball, but I think the team defended very well. 35% absorption is not the ratio we need.

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