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Xi Jinping’s Third Term as China’s Mediator: Facing Key Challenges

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Chinese leader Xi Jinping was awarded an unprecedented third five-year presidential term Friday, further consolidating his control at a time when the country is facing an upheaval challenges in home And globally.

Almost 3,000 members of Rubber stamp for China parliamentNational People’s Congress voted unanimously in Grand Hall of the people for 69-year- It’s old in An election in which there was no other candidate.

something , who China has taken in a more authoritarian direction Since taking control a decade ago, he has stretched out his tenure amid increasingly hostile relations with Washington and the West over Taiwan, Beijing support of Russia, trade and human rights.

locally, the world’s second-Larger economy is facing a challenge recovery from three years of something zero- Coronavirus disease policy Weak trust between consumers and businesses global demand for Chinese exports.

China economy I slept just 3% last yearamong its worst performances in contracts and during parliamentBeijing set modest growth Goal for this year of just about 5%.

In the third term Shi will need to focus on Willie Lamm said, senior Fellow of the Jamestown Foundation, an American think tank. But if it continues with What he was doing – tougher party and state control over the private sector and confrontation with West, its prospects for success I won’t be a fan.”

something set The stage for last term when he left with presidential term border in 2018, China has become the most powerful Leader since Mao Zedong, who Foundations of the People’s Republic.

China’s presidency is largely ceremonial, and Xi’s is main position of power He was extended last October when it was reconfirmed for five more Years general secretary of Central Committee of Communist Party.

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During Friday’s vote, Xi spoke casually with leading-in- Waiting for Li Qiang, who was sitting him left It is set to be confirmed on Saturday at number two in China, A.I role who puts the former Shanghai party President and close ally of Xi in Cost of administration economy.

Other authorized officials of Xi also He is elected or appointed to key government Posts over the coming weekend, including deputy prime ministers, central bank The governor and several other ministers and department heads.

Annual Parliament session – the first Since China has retreated three years of COVID-19 restrictions – will expire on Monday, when Xi will give A letter will be followed by a media Question and Answer session by Li.

During the Friday session, Wuxi scores of other senior leaders on The stage did not wear masks but all the others did in The vast hall did.

China ended abruptly zeroCorona virus disease in December after very unusual nationwide protests against the policy. Later wave hit more than others of 1.4 billion Chinese peopleBut China did not issue a file full outcome of related deaths.

the parliament on Friday also elected Zhao Lijie, 66, with a name new parliament Chair Wuhan Cheng, 68, on behalf of new vice president. both of them men It was from before team of party Leaders in the Standing Committee of the Politburo.

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