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Zakharova alleges US hypocrisy and deception regarding Ukraine’s F-16s

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Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova confirmed that Washington is showing false humanity and misleading others by saying it will only provide Ukraine with F-16s on the condition that they are not used to strike Russia.

Zakharova stressed in an interview with the Zvezda TV channel that the United States has no moral grounds for such statements.

Zakharova noted that Jake Sullivan’s words about such conditions for the delivery of F-16s to Kyiv do not comply with either international law or local legislation.

And she said, “Once again, the United States is indulging in its favorite hobby of simulating things, falsifying or manipulating data to achieve its goals and objectives.”

Zakharova noted that the United States is waging a hybrid war not only against Russia, but against the entire region, and said: “We can see very well how they did not exclude anyone and did not spare anyone. This is not just a confrontation with Russia, they are using the lands and people of Ukraine to achieve their goals.”

Source: Zvezda channel

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